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Avec Exploring Geopolitics

Je vous ai déjà signalé Exploring Geopolitics : ce blog néerlandais cherche à faire un pont entre GP anglo-saxonne et et GP française. Voici ce que son auteur m'écrit :

Please allow me to elaborate al little on the website, to avoid misunderstandings:

1) ExploringGeopolitics is only using English as language, with some content in Dutch as inheritance from I actually do use French quotes for discussion, but this is to introduce French opinions to a global audience. In fact, I am trying to bridge the gap between French and non-French geopolitics. This gap results mainly from lacking command of foreign languages around the world. English is an exception due to its status of lingua franca on the internet, explaining my choice to use English on the website. As you may know, Juliet Fall (bilingual English-French thanks to parents!) has written a couple of interesting articles about this gap.

2) ExploringGeopolitics strives to give an overview of geopolitical research on all continents, not only Europe. Indeed, European specialists dominate the website because of my location and limited global reach. Fortunately, the website also comprises non-European contributions from Australia, Canada and Israel.

Kind regards

Leonhardt van Efferink

Longue vie à lui, et vivent les liens croisés....

O. Kempf

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