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Low cost wars : a new model of warfare

With AGS, we floated the idea of low-cost wars: it was an opportunity for a "theme of the month", then the first geostrategic notebook , led by Stephane Dossé. I had talked about it here (post in French).

With AGS, we organize seminars, like the one on War and Economy in July. I invited Ali Laidi, who hosts the show "economic intelligence" on France 24. He had seen the book and was interested to the point of devoting a story on this subject, and invite me on the set (Stephane was not available that day). Here the issue (you can also find on the site France 24). AGS finally happening on TV (I precise that contrary to what the journalist said, I am only a co-author, with my allies of AGS).

In short, we introduced the concept of "low-cost wars". The real question is: when the Anglo-Saxon journals will they recycle?

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O. Kempf

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